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automatic steel welding pipe machine

automatic steel welding pipe machine

automatic steel welding pipe machine

Item No.:

maxtube 32


This Maxtube 32 Pipe making machine is specially used for producingΦ13-Φ50.8mm,δ0.6-2.0mm welded pipe.



Product Detail

automatic steel welding pipe machine

This equipment is specially used for producingΦ13-Φ50.8mm,δ0.6-2.0mm high-frequency straight seam welded pipe and corresponding square pipe and special-shaped pipe(δ≤1.5mm).It made by refined materials in high precision and equipped with computer fixed length cutting saw. The main machine including forming, welding cooling sizing and straightening device answer the use one installation bed. The composition of equipment is from uncoiler to computer fixed length-cutting saw. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness.

Dimension range of processing steel pipe

1. Material Low-carbon steel, low alloy steelδs≤345Mpa,δb≤610Mpa
2. The thickness of steel strip 1.0-2.0mm (As per GB708-88)
3. The width of steel strip 63-160mm(±0.2mm)
4. I.D. of steel coil Φ450-Φ550mm
5. O.D. of steel coil Φ800-Φ1200mm
6. Maximum weight coil 1000kgs
7. D.of processing steel pipe Φ20-Φ50.8mm

8. Wall thickness of processing steel pipe

1.0-2.0mm(square pipe and special-shaped pipeδ≤1.5mm)

9. Length of processing steel pipe 4-8M

10. Milling speed


2. Main parameter

1. Uncoiler 1set
2. Shearing and butt-welding machine 1set
3. Accumulator 1set
4. Forming and sizing device(include master drive) 1set

5. Computer-controlled tracking cutting saw


6. Finished pipe passing conveyor 1set
7. Solid state 150KW high-frequency electrics 1set

3. Working flow

Raw material (steel coil) → uncoiling → shearing and butt-welding → material accumulating → non-power leveling → mill-forming → high-frequency welding → removing burrs outside of weld seam → cooling → sizing → roughly straightening → fixed length cutting → finished pipe → run-out table

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